Voter participation is a check on the health of a democracy and voting is the most valuable, nonviolent means of public participation and representation in politics. Voting keeps politicians honest and accountable to citizens in working to improve livelihoods.

But voter participation is declining in South Africa. We want to change this.

Voting is a simple act but also a responsibility. Yet, in South Africa, many people who are eligible to vote ignore this responsibility. In the most recent elections, the 2021 Local Government Election, voter turnout dropped to a record low of only 45.87%. While more than 42 million South Africans are eligible to vote, just over 26 million are registered and in 2021, just over 12 million people voted.

Now, we know this sounds like a big problem, and it is. But, there are some simple solutions to solving it and making voting more appealing by; incentivising voter registration, generating awareness and excitement for voting and helping people get to polling stations. By rallying South Africans to encourage one another to register and vote, we believe voter apathy can be reversed and together we can keep South Africa’s democracy strong and healthy.

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Photo of a girl with the words "I am a vote. Are you?" on it. Voting is important.

#PledgeToVote is an initiative of the SA Institute of Race Relations (IRR). The IRR is a classical liberal think tank that advocates for the right of all people to make decisions about their lives without undue political or bureaucratic interference. The IRR a registered Non-profit Organisation (000-709-NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (930006115).