Frequently Asked Questions

Am I registered to vote?

You can check your registration status anytime online on the official IEC website here or SMS your ID number to 32810 (R1.00/SMS). 

If you are not registered to vote, you can register quickly and easily online here.

What do I need to vote on Election Day?

All you need to vote is a valid ID document. This can be your green, bar-coded ID book, smart ID or temporary ID.

Where is my voting station?

NB! You must vote at the polling station that you are registered at.

You can check where you are registered to vote by checking your registration status online here.

I have moved since I last registered. How do I register with my new address?

You can simply update your details on the IEC voter portal, by doing the following:

I’ll be overseas on Election Day! Can I still vote?

If you’re a South African citizen you can vote overseas at your nearest South African Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate. There are three scenarios for overseas voting:

  1. Brand new voters: If this is your first time voting and you have not registered before, you can register on the IEC’s overseas voter portal. Double-check your registration status here
  2. Registered voters who have moved overseas: If you have previously registered to vote in South Africa but are now living overseas, you are still registered. All you need to do is update your address on the IEC’s voter portal
  3. Registered voters who will temporarily be overseas on election day: If you are still living in South Africa but will be overseas on election day, you must apply to cast a special vote by filling in an online VEC10 form. This form will only become available once the election date is announced and you must submit it within 15 days of the election date announcement. 

To vote overseas, you must have a valid South African ID AND a valid South African passport (a temporary passport will do).

For more information, visit the IEC’s website here or to find your nearest South African Embassy, High Commission or Consulate click here.

I am physically unable to go to a voting station on election day. Can I vote from home?

Even if you can’t travel to your voting station on election day, because of a physical disability or pregnancy, you can still vote! You will need to apply for a ‘special vote’. You can do this by:

  1. Applying for a special vote online here.
  2. Getting a friend or family member to collect, complete and submit an MEC 35 form on your behalf at a local IEC office.

On a predetermined date, voting officials will visit you at the address that you indicated in your application for a home visit and allow you to vote.

Disclaimer: Whilst we endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information, please consult official resources as a final reference.

Have other voting and election related questions? Email us, [email protected].